Is The Big Bang Theory On Hulu? How To Watch

Is “The Big Bang Theory” on Hulu? Haven’t you watch the show all your childhood and get inspired and learn the relations. The show which had 10 seasons made a journey from childhood to a lifetime with its comic timings, dialogues, emotional touch and true friendship making it the favorite show of all time for all age groups. Hulu subscribers are eager to know whether their popular show is available on Hulu to watch or not? There’s is a mystery let’s unveil it.

So, The Big Bang Theory On Hulu?

Hulu has been finalizing deals with premium channels and among them, one is CBS channel. Big Bang Theory is CBS’s show. With the deal with CBS, viewers are now able to stream various shows from CBS. Sadly, there is no access of the yesteryear “The Big Bang Theory” on Hulu till date.

In spite of Having CBS on Hulu Plus, Big Bang Theory is not available on Hulu Plus (Hulu is an on demand library).

But wait; there is one good news for the Huluers to rejoice. With back-to-back meetings of Hulu CEO with CBS Channel team, there are hopes that top-rated shows like The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls would be accessible in near future. Recently Hulu launched Their Live TV service having more than 50 Popular live channels that include CBS Too.

That means the audience will be able to stream Big Bang theory whenever it gets streamed on CBS.

Hulu is trying to bring change to its platform by coming up with shows which suit its user’s taste and preferences. In fact, Hulu has been in talks with other networks apart from CBS like ABC, Cartoon Network, Fox, CNN, TNT etc allowing users to have access to wide array of the library.

Where Can You Watch The Big Bang Theory?

As per the deal, Hulu would be able to stream The Big Bang Theory anytime soon. Till then, Viewers can watch their favorite show on CBS’s in – house CBS All Access streaming service, Amazon Prime, SlingTv, and iTunes or Google Play.

If not Big Bang Theory than what else to watch on Hulu?

Hulu has been constantly trying to surge up its services and has never disappointed in their media content and quality. The media library of Hulu is stocked with premium channels shows like The Good Wife, Sabrina – the Teenage Witch, CSI- Crime Scene Investigation and many more. In fact, Hulu’s original programming are a great hit among viewers like the Mindy project, The Path, Deadbeat and Casual.

Hulu seems to be the best alternative to your cable TV. They have all premium channels in their kitty, airing old and latest episodes, new and old movie collection, original programming giving you the same feel of your cable TV connection. With the complete package of drama, actions, sports, entertainment, Hulu has taken place of your Cable TV.

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